Attention: MSP Business Owners

Stop Relying on Referrals to Build Your MSP: Get 10 New Leads Per Month with Cold Calling

Go from feast-or-famine cycle to a full pipeline with dream prospects so you can CRUSH Your MRR Goals In 2024

Revealing THE 3 Secrets to Bringing Unlimited Leads into Your Pipeline as an MSP

  • Secret #1: Hyper Target Your Outreach: Identify your ideal client profile and focus your efforts on reaching out to prospects who are most likely to convert into paying customers. By targeting the right audience, you can increase your chances of success and avoid wasting time and resources on uninterested leads.

  • Secret #2: Craft High-Conversion Messaging Learn how to effectively communicate your value proposition, address pain points, and differentiate yourself from competitors. With the right messaging, you can capture the interest of potential clients and increase your chances of turning cold calls into warm leads.

  • Secret #3: Build a Consistent Follow-up System Develop a structured follow-up system that keeps you top-of-mind with prospects and increases your chances of conversion over time. By staying organized and persistent, you can nurture relationships with leads and turn initial interest into closed deals, ensuring a steady stream of new business for your MSP.

Live Training Starting In...

Why this online training

What Will Happen When You Join?

Before This Training

  • Word of mouth" has been your primary lead generation source, leaving your incoming leads to be inconsistent, sporadic, and reliant on a "hope and a wish" at best

  • Each month you're hoping that a lead will find you on google so that you can hopefully sign a new deal, but even the ones that find you are mostly price shopping you or comparing you to the MSP down the street.

  • You've tried direct mail, outsourced marketing agencies, hiring a social media manager, or even done-for-you cold calling… only to leave you spending money with no real ROI to show for it.

After This Training

  • You know exactly where your next MSP lead is coming from and how MANY you need to hit your goals.

  • You start each month with a clear plan, knowing the exact actions to take each day to hit your target MRR goal.

  • You have a long-term strategy that is repeatable, sustainable, and most importantly - scalable. You can scale this strategy as far and wide as your MRR goals will take you. 

Webinar Starts In:

  • Gift #1: FREE 7 Figure MSP™ Cold Call Talk Tracks
    Everyone who attends LIVE will receive our proven cold call talk tracks to help you book out your sales call calendar with hot leads!

  • Gift #2: $250 In Amazon Gift Cards
    We will also be giving away up to $250 in Amazon gift cards to a few lucky LIVE registered of them could be YOU!


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